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    Bubble etching machines

    • The BB4.3 etching machine is a single-sided and double-sided machine suitable for the production of prototype printed circuit boards.Useful etching format 200 x 300 mm - single or double-sided engravingWith the BB4.3 the average etching time is 6 to 7 minutes with a new product at 25 ° C. The etching time changes depending on the type of agent used and...
    • Set of products for etching machine BB4.3 containing :1 5L jerrycan of boosted ferric chloride (ref AR43) 1 plastic tray, 220 x 330 x 50 mm (ref AR23) 1 special plier for PCB etching (ref AR224) 1 bag of a 100 polyethylene gloves (ref AR135) 1 CIF pen for direct etching, black (ref AR19)
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