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    Vertical spray etching machine

    • Double sided model with rinsing and thermostated heater (water inlet, draining and rinsing on the back of the machine). • Etching time 2 minutes with a new ferric chloride at 30°C.• Small capacity of etching (7,5 liters) ideal for laboratory.• Etching of high quality due to the pump and the flat nozzles• The Autojet machine includes 2 chambers : one for...
    • Chemical safety kitIdeal in a manufacturing laboratory for printed circuit. Contains signaling and protection kit for handling chemicals Chemical safety kit includes :Plastic pliers for film and PCB Plastic tray, 310 x 360 x 70 mm Pump 6 l/min Protective glasses PVC apron Absorber carpet, 400 x 460 mm, bag of 25 Gloves for chemical risks, the...
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