Rapid Prototyping

The CIF Know-How serving rapid prototyping

CIF cutting edge technology has been implemented to make you able to quickly realize quality prototypes.

A wide tool choice choice to make protoyping accessible by everyone

CIF has developed high quality prototyping equipment for multiples applications: object creation into several materials, PCB manufacturing, cutting of various substrates, dispensing, inspection.

An extensive range of 3D printers and 3 AXIS CNC – 3D

Lastest 3D Printers. Create, duplicate all sorts of objects using different sorts of materials such as ABS and PLA.
3D printers give the ability to create quickly any kind of object.
There are now indispensable in research or design department and maintenance facilities.

Multipurpose 3 axes – 3D CNC machine for multiples applications.

The polyvalent CIF range of Drilling/milling CNC 3 axes – 3D named Technodrill gives you the possibility to realize simple or double side circuit board, cut several materials, machining of small mechanical pieces, dispensing fluids with different viscosity, inspect and so on…

Applications are manifold and implementation remains simple.


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