Soldering products

  • Soldering fluxes are used to treat components surface and boards, facilitating soldering operations.No clean flux reduces waste. Packaging : - 250 ml spray bottle (Ref E52006)- 1 liter bottle (Ref E52000)- Jar of 20 liters (Ref E52008)
  • No clean frost flux with plunger, 10cc syringe.Essential for repair operations.Packaging in syringe for a precise deposit.
  • Cleaner containing a special solvent composition to clean flux types (AC, CMA, RA, RMA) on PCBs and remove traces of chlorides and acids. 650ml aerosol.    
  • Lead free alloy Sn99.3Cu0.7 (99.3% tin, 0.7% copper).Integrated no-clean flux Melting temperature 227 ° C / 0.5kg coil Alloy available in coil Ø 0.5mm and Ø 0.7mm. Other diameters on request and depending on quantity.
  • Solder braids are used for repair, desoldering operations, elimination of residual solders and solder bridges... Speedy and strong absorption are the main characteristics of the hereunder braids. Antistatic reels. Solder braids in copper, very flat, treated with no clean flux
  • Lead-free solder pasteAlloy Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 (96.5% tin, 3% silver and 0.5 copper)Melting temperature 217 ° CPackaging in 10cc syringe with or without pusher, or in cartridge of 170cc (0.5kg)12% no cleaning flowPackaging in 10 cc syringe or 0.5 kg cartridge Basic solder paste is class 5 except for reference F42245 which is in class 6 Available packaging:...
  • Solder paste or cream is used for SMT soldering. It is made of an metal alloy and a flux which characteristics are similar to those used in wave soldering or handsoldering. Syringes are used for dispensing point to point (pusher, manual or automatic dispenser).The alloy is composed of rounded marbles (size from 20 to 160 µm which gives granulometry and...
  • The high temperature polyimide tape is designed to resist very high temperatures. It is insulating and very little flammable.It is used in the soldering process of electronic boards to fix thermocouples or to protect certain parts of the PCB.It is recommended for applications subject to high temperatures and vibrations. - Polyimide adhesive tape- Heat...
  • Packaging :  - Pen 10 ml (Ref V800022)- 1 liter bottle (Ref AR58)- Can of 20 liters (Ref AR58.2) new
  • Cotton swab sticks to cleaning hard to reach areas.
  • Multi-purpose, lint-free and absorbent cloths.
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