Hand tools for soldering

  • • For 25 PCB's: 2 x 15 m, step 7 mm • Compatible high T° until 300°C• Compatible for dryong oven• ESD product• Recyclable
  • Conductive PCB Tray, L-shape Side handlesCapacity - 30 PCB'sSurface résistance 104 -106 Ω
  • Conductive PCB Tray, flat type with handlesColor blackCapacity - 25 PCB'sSurface resistance 104 - 106 Ω
  • Aluminium body, interchangeable teflon end, strong vacuum, light 50 gr., length 200 mm, 2 available models including 1x ESD version. - Standard desoldering pump, DG model (Ref. BO63) , new - Spare tips for desoldering pump BO63 (sachet of 5) (Ref. BO64), new 
  • Antistatic desoldering pumps (ESD).Manual model with efficient suction of solder joints. Strong suction capacity thanks to a powerful piston.• Aluminum body• Interchangeable PTFE tip• Great suction• Light 50 g• Length 200 mm• Diameter 20mm Conditioner :• Model DGA: Ref unit BO82• Replacement tip per bag of 5 ref BO83
  • Polyethylene 10 cc syringe adapter with clear crystal hose.
  • • High density polyethylene needle with UV protection• Recommended for products with high viscosity, such as solder paste, glue, etc.• Dual security luer-lock• Length 31 mm4 models availables :Ø 0.20 mm, transparent needle Ø 0.25 mm, red needle Ø 0.40 mm, blue needle Ø 0.60 mm, pink needle
  • Packaging : bags of 50 pièces- Length 12 mm - Compatible with all range of METCAL by CIF - Stainless steel cannula with fitting or polypropylene - Constant flux without destruction is guaranted - Silicone and chloride free
  • Tweezers made of stainless steel, anti-magnetic and resistant to nitric, fluohydric and hydrochloric acids. They have a very neat finish. Their maximum temperature of use is 300 ° C.
  • Multifunction pliers for electrical cables cutting and stripping. Features• Possibility of adjusting the pressure of the blades to match the hardness of the sheaths• Light, manageable and durable• Hardened steel blades• Very easy to use• Securing for the user Designed for cables with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 6 mm
  • High precision point bent tweezers for precision work Key strengths - Designed in stainless steel- Tip width 2.1 mm- Antimagnetic- Anti acid- Non-corrosive- Extended non-disturbing use
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