A Wide Selection and Quality for your Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

CIF offers a wide range of equipment and products to perform professional printed circuit board: UV exposure units, all etching machines format, through all plating machines, tinning machine (hot air leveling or roller machine) and a range of adapted accessories.

Find out The right solution for your printed circuit board production

Chemical process of mechanical process ? Feel free to contact our technical staff for advises to determine the solution best suits your production.
On most machines, products/accessories starter kits are suggested, these are recommended to start in the right conditions.

A wide range of presensitised board for your printed circuit boards.

CIF has also developed a professional presensitised circuit board range available with various substrate (epoxy glass FRA, PTFE, aluminium) together with different thickness (16/10, 8/10 and 4/10mm).
Concerning the copper coating you can choose between 15, 35 and 70 microns thick.
The professional CIF boards are characterized by a blue resin enabling quality control inspection of the drawing after revelation.

Confident of its quality, a 5 year guarantee on manufacturing defects is granted on CIF boards.


  • A large selection or products and accessories for conception.

    Films, pen refinishing, test boards, light panel.

  • Discover a complete equipment, accessories and products offer for photoengraving

    (Realization of you PCB using a chemical process): U.V. exposure unit, etching machine, water treatment module of your rinsing water.
    A selection of high quality machine, from the simplest to the most sophisticated machine for accurate works.
    To work with our equipment CIF has developed a complete range of products and accessories that we recommend you.

    Your PCB quality depends in particular on your presensitised board. For over 35 years, CIF has been supplying professional quality boards.

    Raw materials are all premium quality and meet the most exacting standards.

  • Rapid prototyping in multiple applications is possible by drilling and milling: printed circuit boards, front panels, labels, dispensing, control.
    CIF designed and manufactured robots are efficient and reliable tools that will fit your laboratory.
    A complete 3 axes-3D CNC robots range is available as well as tools, drilling bits, milling bits and engraving material necessary for efficient running

  • Find in this section a wide choice of guillotine shears, sensitive drilling machine, manual notching tool and all necessary products such as Carbide tungsten drill bit or HSS (high speed steel).

  • In order to produce a double side printed circuit board with through hole, CIF offers two solutions,
    The mechanical technique with rivets inserted into the board and then crimped. Main interest is a cheap process together with high mechanical tolerance. This system is recommended for simple prototypes design with limited eyelets to be inserted.
    The second solution is the chemical through hole plating process. It consists of several chemical treatments of the board ending with an electrolytic copper bath treatment. This is the professional process offering best results.

    Through hole plating machine METALAB PRO – COMPACTA is a partnership between CIF & WALTER LEMMEN.

  • Once printed circuit board produced, the last step should be protective finishing preventing any future deterioration including copper oxidation.
    Several options are available. The most used technic consist of leaving hot alloy made of tin /copper or tin/copper/silver.
    In this section discover our tinning machines with a roller tinning model and a hot ail leveling (HAL) model.
    Chemical solutions are also available: tin, silver and deoxidizer.

  • NEW VERSION With the Technodrill 3, drill, route, burn, mill, cut, trim, dispense, control, ...Versatility par excellence! Technodrill 3, rapid prototyping of high precision.Also suitable for double-sided English engraving. • 3-axis machine - 3D• Z-axis passage 90 mm• Useful stroke 390 x 315 x 60 mm (actual under tool with options)• PCB CNC production...
  • Ideal for cutting epoxy glass, aluminum, PVC ...Professional hand cutter of useful cutting length 300 mm. Adjustable rear stop.Robust steel frame with high-resistance epoxy paint. • Cutting length 300 mm• Compact model• Guaranteed cutting quality• Very little effort during the cut• Robust with steel frame, epoxy paint• Hardened steel blades•...
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