From prototyping to small scale production, discover simple and efficient solutions for assembly and repair of your electronic boards

Once your printed circuit board completed you must assemble and solder your components to finalize your electronic board.
CIF offers equipment, products and accessories to: dispense, place, solder and repair all your components for prototyping or small scale production.

At each step of assembling belongs a tool

Dispensing: depending on the job to do you will select a manual or a CNC dispenser. In case of small scale production the drop off serigraphy process will be preferred to improve efficiency.
Component placement: CIF provides once again a wide choice of assembly/positioning machines for SMT: manual operated assembly machine, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine. The choice depends on the number of components to be placed, the accuracy requirements and the requested cadence.
Reflow oven: CIF offers a range of oven from the batch reflow oven to the conveyor reflow oven. The choice depends mainly on PCB size and the requested cadence.

Manual soldering & desoldering: In case of prototyping with limited components, the solder process can be manually operated. It is also often the case for repairing.

CIF assembly equipment have been designed or selected to comply with IPC norms


  • Find in this section all equipment, accessories and products needed for dispensing your alloy, the placement of SMD components and the soldering tools.
    CIF suggest a large choice of dispensers and stencil printers for solder paste, glue or products with low viscosity. Very silent compressors are available for the dispensers
    The choice of your SMT pick and place machine will depends on the number of electronic boards to be produced and the needed accuracy (standard or finepitch): manual placement, semi-automatic or automatic.
    The choice of your reflow oven should be driven by your pick and place machine. CIF has designed and developed a complete ovens range: laboratory ovens (batch reflow ovens) and conveyor reflow ovens.

  • CIF offers, thanks to its METCAL Partnership, a wide choice of tools for iron soldering and repair: soldering station, rework station, heating plate.
    The repair station SCORPION will perfectly fit soldering and desoldering applications for any kind of components including BGA, micro-BGA, QFN, FPGA.

  • In the electronic board production process, it is essential to clean the board at different stages (before and after soldering).
    CIF offers a selection of 2 ultrasonic cleaner models especially adapted to electronics works and also supplies the suitable cleaning product.

  • Find in this section needed products and tooling for soldering and repair operations such as soldering fluxes, solder paste, polyamide or stainless steel needles for dispensing as well as antistatic (ESD)  board holders in several materials ( stainless steel, or ESD polypropylene).

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