Filtration - Protection

From goods protection to body protection, CIF has the solution.

For each step of the PCB creation, CIF offers efficient protective equipment and accessories.

Welding fume & gases filtration – solvent & acids, the Filtratec® range – Why filter ?

Effluents from any nature produced during the different stages of the PCB creation are often harmful. In Electronics the hazardous agents are mainly acids vapor, welding fume and solvents.

Extract and filter the contaminated air is a protection for:
 The operator and its neighborhood
 The environment

Filtratec ® or the ‘State of the art’ in the field of air pollution control

The Filtratec® range is composed of 2 extraction and filtration stations composed of one version dedicated to fume and gases and another version for acids vapor. These are very high quality products, quiet, efficient and reliable.

Filtratec ® integrates in its filtration systems latest technologies solely able to guarantee the maximum efficiency. With its high air flow and 2 speed modes, the Filtratec ® station will fit perfectly your needs in extraction and filtration of fumes, gases and acid vapors. The station includes a high efficiency filter for particles and gases.
With the accessories range (arm, nozzles and cabins), you can configure the station to fit best in your working area and obtain the desired ergonomic.

The concept of the Filtratec ® filter offers flexibility and efficiency; it is composed of a HEPA filter for particles (High Efficiency Particulate Air) together with a chemical filter for the absorption of gases. The cartridge filter is realized to comply with European lows and does not require any specific recycling process.

The CIF protection range also includes:
- An antistatic (ESD) line of products and accessories: wristband, straps, rods, mat, bags, heels
- A chemical protection line: gloves, coats, facemask, apron.

With CIF, work safely.


  • This section presents the Filtratec® range, a very high efficient line for soldering fumes and acids vapors extractions and filtration.
    Each station unit can be fitted with different types of arms or nozzles. It can also be fitted on filtration cabins or straight to equipment such as reflow ovens or etching machines.
    Filtratec® stations are delivered standard with its ultra-high performance HEPA filter.

  • For your plant, we offer new tools that have become essential with, 

    • a not contact hydroalcoholic gel dispensing terminal. Capacity 5 liters of gel. No power supply. Move it anywhere you want
    • an access control terminal. Very powerful recognition can be facial, by QR code, bar code,... Temperature measurement function available.  All functions are without any contacts. You configure the terminal at you convenience. GDPR system

    For each step of a board production you should use adapted protective accessories: gloves, smock, PVC apron, glasses.

  • CIF has selected a range of ESD essential accessories in any electronics soldering workshop: wristbands, rods, mats, bags, grounding heels.

  • Wide visibility extraction cabin.The cabin makes it possible to confine the effluents thus avoiding their dispersions by unwanted currents of air; they are better extracted and filtered in their entirety.For better visibility, the cab has clear openings on each side and includes a removable transparent visor on the front.Stands directly on the...
  • • 1 antistatic green carpet for table 600 x 1200 x 2 mm• 1 anallergic conductive adjustable bracelet• 1 extensible pressure link 10 mm / pressure 10 mm• 1 table / ground link
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