Safety tools

For your plant, we offer new tools that have become essential with, 

  • a not contact hydroalcoholic gel dispensing terminal. Capacity 5 liters of gel. No power supply. Move it anywhere you want
  • an access control terminal. Very powerful recognition can be facial, by QR code, bar code,... Temperature measurement function available.  All functions are without any contacts. You configure the terminal at you convenience. GDPR system

For each step of a board production you should use adapted protective accessories: gloves, smock, PVC apron, glasses.

  • Anti-heat gloves.Isothermal lining.Cuff 150 mm Risks:• chemical: NO• mechanical: YES• micro-organic: NO• heat and fire: YES
  • Protective glasses Risks:• chemical: YES • mechanical: YES • micro-organic: NO • heat and fire: YES
  • PVC apron Suitable for handling acids. The PVC apron is recommended in printed circuit manufacturing laboratories where acidic etching agents are used.  Risks:• chemical: YES • mechanical: NO • micro-organic: NO • heat and fire: NO
  • New
    Product Overview Digital detection face recognition access control terminal is a kind of access control device with precise recognition rate, large storage capacity and fast recognition, which integrates face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology. The digital detection module supports rapid body temperature detection....
  • New
    •  SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVEThe material is delivered mountedFill the inner container with gel and it's operationalPress the foot pedal and 1 dose of gel is dispensed without contacts•  SUITABLE FOR PUBLIC PLACESHigh capacity with 5L container.This bollard allows a high distribution efficiency ideal for places receiving public or with high...
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