10 Jan. 2020

 CIF has signed an agreement to acquire the vapor phase division of Exmore / Belgium

Pioneer in the field of vapor phase soldering, Exmore has sold all of this activity to CIF.

This immediate effect sale allows CIF to strengthen its range of assembly equipment and thus becomes a major player in vapor phase brazing systems.

A cooperation agreement has been signed to allow this transfer of activity as quickly as possible while preserving the quality of customer service.

This acquisition is part of the strengthening of the CIF range in high-tech laboratory equipment and in production equipment with the CIF PROD division.

As electronic boards have become more and more complex, reflow becomes a critical phase where temperature precision and the distribution of heat are essential elements.
The vapor phase can meet the requirements of soldered electronic assemblies that are found in particular in the various IPC standards.

The main model of the CIF by Exmore range is the vapor phase VS-500.IV.
The concept of the machine allows to solder even the most complex cards of a format of 500 x 500 x 60 mm while ensuring optimal quality thanks to,

  •          The inert atmosphere resulting from the fluid (medium) used
  •          An incomparable temperature delta across the entire component
  •          No possible handling error during the cycle

The main applications relate to lead and lead-free soldering, conductive adhesives and repair.

The concept of the vapor phase CIF by Exmore allows today

  •          Reducing fluid consumption (medium) using a unique vapor recovery system; this greatly reduces production costs
  •         Quick return on investment and high capacity for mixed productions
  •          Inert atmosphere without the use of nitrogen gas
  •          Compensation for pressure fluctuations in the tank
  •          Temperature delta incomparable to other technologies throughout the working area
  •          Reduced energy consumption
  •          Possibility of brazing large format 500 x 500 x 60 mm cards in a small footprint


You can find this machine in mid-January in the CIF demonstration space in Buc(France) in the Yvelines.

The vapor phase VS-500.IV will also be present on the CIF booth at the Grenoble « Forum de l’Electronique » fair (February 11 to 13) and at Global Industrie / Paris Nord Villepinte (March 31 to April 3)

For more information, contact CIF at +33 1 3966 9683, by email at and on the website