CIF is a French manufacturing  brand and a retail company  of equipment for PCB manufacturing and electronic board assembly. CIF is a leader in the field of tabletop CNCs as well as laboratory reflow ovens and vapor phase soldering systems.

CIF is the French leader in equipment for the electronic laboratory. Since 2019, CIF completes its offer with a complete range of equipment for SMT assembly line. CIF is IPC member.


DCT is a world leading innovative company engaged in developing and producing Laser material micromachining equipment for the electronics industry. Its rapid prototyping machines, direct laser processing systems (for PCB structuring or stencil production) are of the most advanced systems on the market.


DETECH is a fast growing UK manufacturer of AOI systems that meet industry expectation with high end software, stability and traceability.


Hanwha Precision Machinery is leading the high-tech industry in the 21st century

After developing the first Chip mounter in 1989, Hanwha Precision Machinery has become a leading worldwide Smart Factory solutions provider, offering Surface Mount Technology (SMT) mounters, semiconductor equipment, insertion and assembly automation equipment, industrial automation equipment, and integrated software solutions.


KAYO SMT  is the first in China successful designer and manufacturer of stable quality SMD lines of a budgetary class. Its equipment are designed for small and medium size production and is a reference in its segment.


KELENN is a pioneer brand in PRINTED ELECTRONICS and offers a solution by digital printing processes of conductors, semiconductors and active materials for electronics.


METCAL offers solutions for Advanced Manufacturing. It creates precise applications with superior accuracy and durability for complex advanced manufacturing needs. Its soldering stations are among the most advanced and durable on the market.


Powatec is a production and services company specialized in the development and production of products for the electronic and semiconductor industry in the backend area


REECO is a brand of ESD furniture and ESD modular workstations.

All its products have been developed for use in electronics manufacturing and repair areas.

Therefore, they meet the stringent quality requirements of this industry.

Use the online 3D configurator to define your station: CIF.REECO.INFO


SANXO is a growing technological company providing wide variety of Software and Hardware solutions in the field of digital microscopy, machine vision and robot automation.


SASINNO is an innovative brand of selective soldering systems designed for medium to mass production volume. Sasinno is providing constant innovation and is able to design custom made solution to meet most epic industrial challenges

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