Hanwha: Modular Systems and Industry 4.0

14 Jan. 2023

HANWHA, formerly SAMSUNG TECHWIN, provides SMT placement solutions combined with state-of-the-art service and support. The solutions include advanced interoperability technologies to achieve price competitiveness and high quality without compromising flexibility and on-demand capacity growth.

Constant innovation

Since 1989, the mission of manufacturing precision printed circuit board (PCB) assembly machines has continued with the evolution of Hanwha’s SM, Decan and HM series Pick & Place machines

The entry-level SM Series offers unmatched value and versatility for chip, flex circuit, irregular shape and large board applications.

The Decan medium-speed series offers innovative conveyor modularity to increase efficiency by configuring new systems with a single conveyor, dual-lane, or a combination of both to effectively meet fluctuating production volumes.

Hanwha’s high-performance HM Series continues to deliver first-class performance with its compact design, modular heads, modular automatic nozzle changers, and new options, including electrical test verification (ETR) and automatic load/shuttle feed technology for optimized configurations and improved efficiency.

Hanwha’s focus on developing modular hardware and scalable software solutions contributes greatly to the success of the brand as well as customers.

The HM520 series are state-of-the-art, high-speed modular systems with extreme flexibility. The real productivity is the highest among the machines of the same category. The series is optimized for high quality production, with reduced personnel, no downtime and zero defects thanks to the Smart Factory – T-solution

T-solution software suite for Industry 4.0

Hanwha provides intelligent online automation capable of self-correction, real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure the highest possible quality while maximizing overall equipment efficiency. Offline, Hanwha continues to expand its compatibility with manufacturers of peripheral technologies for X-ray component counting, automated component storage/recovery technologies … Placement systems incorporate the IPC CFX communication format dedicated to data exchange for Industry 4.0.

Many customers around the world are using Hanwha’s latest generation technology, which offers more uptime and more productivity in the smallest possible space.

The modularity of the HM Series offers great configuration flexibility while the T-Solution software provides planning and monitoring solutions for real-time continuous improvement.

Mixed production capabilities allow a single HM production line to function as two independent production lines when operating at full capacity. This means that different products of varying BOM and panel size can be produced simultaneously in parallel with the front and rear conveyors operating independently.

Dual-Lane conveyors mean that set-up and changeover can be done on one side of the line without interrupting continuous production on the other side of the line. This greatly improves footprint reduction and overall equipment efficiency while reducing operating costs.

CIF – tailor-made services

As a reminder, CIF offers a range of services to meet your requirements.

  • Leasing
  • Possibility of leasing from our financial partner
  • Diagnostics and assistance on site or remotely
  • A team of technicians dedicated to installation and after-sales service
  • Customized maintenance contracts
  • Spare parts service
  • Installations with handover and testing

CIF, which markets HANWHA equipment in France, has a SHOWROOM in BUC (78) where in situ and video-conference demonstrations are regularly organized.