28 May. 2020


TECHNIDOT is a metering CNC robot for automating the deposition of braze pastes (classes 4, 5 and 6), glues and fine fats both in the laboratory and in industry.

The main advantage of this machine is that it allows very precise deposition of quantities of fluids, while improving the productivity of this operation thanks to the high-quality dispenser MUSASHI ®.

  • Dispensing type: time/pressure
  • Automatic lozenges recognition
  • Very ergonomic and easy to implement
  • Standard working stroke 320 x 310 x 60 mm
  • Immediate Learning
  • Compatible with all file types HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF, …
  • Driver software GALAAD 3 (with free updates) – KYNON
  • Integrated electronic control case
  • Z-axis mobile probe as series
  • Safety: mechanical clamping and sftware clamping
  • Protective cover and low-voltage lighting as serie