10 Feb. 2022

Selective soldering is increasingly becoming an essential solution to meet the design requirements of increasingly complex boards while ensuring quality, repeatability and productivity gains.

6 months after the launch by CIF of the off-line selective soldering machines, the CIF PROD range is enriched by 2 new on-line models, the FLEX-I2 and the MAS-I2.

Modèle FLEX-I2

This inline and very compact model offers a high flexibility for small board volumes as well as for series. The PCB is moved in X/Y direction by a servomotor. The solder pot moves in Z direction also via a servo motor. The machine is equipped as standard with a spray fluxer, an upper infrared (IR) preheater (and lower as an option), 2 solder pots, a nitrogen inerting device with gas heater, automatic wave height calibration, live visualization and its Windows 10® control software. This station allows the soldering of PCB from 50 x 50 to 457.2 x 508mm (with the use of 2 individual nozzles)

Modèles MAS-I2

This version is composed of 2 separate modules.
The first module is for fluxing and preheating while the second module is for selective soldering of the boards.

This separation allows to optimize each soldering phase. The more powerful preheating is operated both by hot air on the top and Infrared (IR) on the bottom, which allows to work on boards with high thermal inertia and improves the quality of the soldering during the second phase. The decomposition of the process in line also allows an increase in productivity.  This station allows the soldering of PCBs from 80 x 100 to 457.2 x 508mm (with the use of 2 individual nozzles)

Strengths common to both models:

  • Self-adjustment of the in-line conveyor
  • Equipped with 2 soldering pots of 15 Kg capacity each
  • Adjustment of the wave height
  • Temperature control by PID. Time of rise in T° of approximately 40 minutes
  • Axis displacement in X Y Z1 Z2 with a placement accuracy of +/- 50 µm
  • High quality spray fluxer with a tank capacity of 1 liter. Possibility to have a second flux tank to use a second type of flux
  • Model equipped as standard for nitrogen inerting with a consumption per nozzle of 4m3/H
  • Brazing nozzles are available in Ø 3 of 12 mm, specific nozzle in option.
  • Real time camera to visualize the soldering process
  • Industrial PC control system with Windows 10 interface in English

These equipments benefit from a simple and intuitive software for programming and control. All Sasinno equipments integrate an ergonomic CMMS function in the software allowing to maintain the equipment in the best operating conditions and guarantee the best availability rate.

In 2020, SASINNO won the “Global technology Award” in the “soldering” category for the quality and innovation of its equipment. The ANT 1 and ANT 2 models are presented this year at APEX San Diego – USA. An ANT 1 demonstration machine is available. Contact us for any demonstration.

Additional services are available to assist you in your investment and the use of your equipment.

  • Machine rental,
  • Leasing from our partner
  • Maintenance contracts adapted to your needs
  • Customer support with a technical hotline