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Solder paste no clean Sn62Pb36Ag2. 10cc syringe + plunger - C5

Reference : F42213
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Solder paste or cream is used for SMT soldering. It is made of an metal alloy and a flux which characteristics are similar to those used in wave soldering or handsoldering. Syringes are used for dispensing point to point (pusher manual or automatic dispenser).


Solder Cream WITH Lead


The solder paste or cream is used for soldering SMDs. It consists of an alloy and a flux whose characteristics are identical to those used for a wave or with an iron.


- Sn62Pb36Ag2 alloy (62% tin 36% lead and 2% silver)

- Melting point 178 ° C

- Packaging in 10cc syringe with or without pusher

- Flux without cleaning at 12%


Available packaging:

- 10 cc alloy syringe with lead class 5 (ref F42210)

- 10 cc alloy syringe with lead + plunger class 5 (ref F42213)

- 55 cc alloy syringe with lead  class 5 (ref V800119)

- Pot of 500 gr alloy with lead class 4 (ref F42212)


The syringes are used for point-by-point deposit (pusher manual doser automatic doser). The pots or cartridges for a deposit by screen printing.


The alloy is composed of rounded marbles (size from 20 to 160 µm which gives granulometry and class).


Class 3 diameter in µm 25 to 45

Class 4 diameter in µm 20 to 38

Class 5 diameter in µm 10 to 28

The class 5 permits to have control on quantity and definition of the deposit in case of thin thread or Fine Pitch applications.


Product dimensions : 95 x 30 x 20 mm
Gross weight : 0.05 K
Net weight : 0.04 K
Brand : CIF


EAN : 3664131001113

Hazardous material information

UN Code : Plomb/Lead

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