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Direct Laser DCT DL300 Model

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This machine is available in 3 versions according to the type and power of the laser.


Suitable for structuring conductive pattern on copper plate removing solder resist removing additional line cover layer(CVL) cutting; also suitable for structuring other metal such as rare metal electroplating material film and coating material plastic and ceramic.




• IPG Filber laser with laser housing air cooling

• Granite X/Y table bridge construction

• Data processing software: CircuitCAM 7 Laser Plus

• Visionsystem with high resolution camera and reflectance light resource

• Camera supported positioning system with fiducial recognition

• X/Y/Z axises driven by high precision Servo motor

• Class C5 ball screw for XYZ axises

• Digital scanning galvanometer (made in Germany)

• Telecentric lense

• Movable stand hood

• Industrial control PC and display

• Industrial dust exaust unit

• Vacuum table for material

• Heat dissipation: inlet air from front and back bilateral exhaust ventilation

• With lens protection

• Fully sealed optical path


Technical characteristics :


DCT DL300G          

DCT DL300B     

DCT DL300B-Adv 






Working area

300 x 300 mm   

Min. line width

20 µm

Min. gap width

25 µm

35 µm 

35 µm 

Processing speed

30 cm² / min

20 cm² / min

20 cm² / min 

Accuracy of repeatability

 ± 2 µm

Position accuracy

± 5 µm 

Resolution of galvanometer

1 µm

Laser type

 Green laser

 Laser CAS

Laser IPG 

Laser Wavelength

532 nm

1064 nm 

1064 nm 

Laser pulse frequency

20 - 80 kHz

Quality of laser

Green laser

CAS laser

IPG laser

Average output of laser

20 W

30 W

20 W 

Travelling resolution of X/Y table

0.5 µm

Automatic stop function upon door opening



270 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)

850 x 900 x 1450 mm


Operating conditions :



 220 VAC / 50 Hz

Main power

 1.7 kW

Péripherals power

1.5 kW 

Ambient temperature

 25 °C ± 5°C


 < 60 %



Product dimensions : 0 x 0 x 0
Origin : CN


NC8 : 84561110

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