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Sanxo Scope DUAL- 2 x 18MPixel - 25-60 FPS

Reference : W900028
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The digital video-microscopes conceived by Sanxo offers a complete configuration with a close-up high quality image in direct inspection. The Sanxo-scope DUAL produces a frame rate from 25 to 60 FPS. It was initially conceived as a manual inspection workshop for electronic cards. It is robust accessible and can be used for any other object.


The development was oriented towards opening the space above the work place. It allows the object to be moved and handled in an ergonomic working position. Adaptability customization and modularity were taken into account to adapt the set up considering your multiples uses.


Fast focusing in milliseconds

New much faster focus approach by applying the focusing method on the map. When the object is fixed the algorithm calculates a map of the focused areas. While the user is moving the mouse’s pointer on the screen the focus is done in a couple of milliseconds.


Super Imaging

The tunable lens adds features for the user. The use of the stacking Pictures method and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) for a great depth of field can be generated with the Sanxo-Scope DUAL. It is built with two IDS Imaging 18 MPixel cameras.



The camera stand allows the user to use very easily different working distances by moving the camera closer or further away from the object. When the object distance is fixed the user can still use the real-digital zoom by rolling the mouse’s Wheel. By using the digital zoom the picture is both very strong and clear thanks to the full HD resolution and the two excellent 18 MPixel cameras.


TAMRON megapixel 50mm focal lens and two IDS Imaging 18 Mpix cameras.


TAMRON megapixel 25mm focal lens and two IDS Imaging 18 Mpix cameras.


Other objective lenses can be used for the Sanxo-scope DUAL. The Tamron Uhign-megapixel 50mm focal lens and the others 50mm and 75mm lenses.



All the configurations are equipped with a robust platform with an adjustable support a complete screen with a HD resolution a mini-PC (+ mouse) the TAMRON megapixel lenses and the SAN14W lighting. The standard set up that covers a large part of the different uses uses a TAMRON 50mm prime lens objective and a flat diffuse lighting. Additional accessories are available. A Standard Sanxo-scope DUAL is composed of the following items


Technical characteristics :

Camera 2x IDS Imaging 18 MPixel

Lens Megapixel TAMRON 50 or 25 mm

Monitor Full HD resolution 22”

Camera stand Ajustable and robuste


Illumination SAN-14W White illumination  (12VDC) 209 x 98 x 20 mm

Frame rate 25 - 60 FPS


The standard setup consists of:

2 IDS Imaging 18 MPixel color camera

Tamron Megapixel lenses

INTEL® PC (incl. mouse)

Full HD resolution 22” monitor

Adjustable and robust camera stand

SAN-14W white illumination (12VDC) 209x98x20mm


Accessories :

- Tunable lens Ref. W700001

- Extra lens F = 25 mm Ref. W700004 new

- Extra lens F = 75 mm Ref. W700003 new

- Dual light source 14 W Ref. W700002

- X-Y table A2 size (400 x 305 x 40 mm) Ref. W700005 new

- X-Y table A3 size (204 x 204 x 30 mm) Ref. W700006 new

- Tilting table Ø 200 mm with ESD mat cover Ref. W700025 new


Product guaranteed for 2 years (1 year of legal guarantee + 1 year of commercial guarantee)


Product dimensions : 420 x 500 x 600 mm
Gross weight : 19 K
Net weight : 18.5 K
Brand : SANXO
Origin : HU


EAN : 3664131025034
NC8 : 90118000

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