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Sanxo Scope HDU4 Dr AOI Rapid 18 MPixel 35-62 FPS

Reference : W900034
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Range of digital video-microscopes conceived by Sanxo that offers a complete configuration with a close-up high quality image in direct inspection.

It produces a frame rate from 35 to 62 FPS.

It was initially conceived as a manual inspection workshop for electronic cards.

It is robust accessible and can be used for any other object.


Doctor - AOI is an automated optical inspection concept originally developed to respond to the quality control shortcomings of circuit board production lines. A wide selection of available features and the modular concept of Doctor AOI allow forming a custom tailored solution to augment the factory quality control.



Doctor. AOI is able to identify and solve common problems such as:

• Component presence

• Component position and alignment

• Solder quality various defects such as stains open/short circuits thinning of solder etc.

• Barcode/datamatrix and text reading

• Factory automation and site network communication


The Doctor AOI – Rapid software uses referential pictures (Golden sample) for defect detection.

The applied algorithm was developed especially for PCB inspection missing or extra component difference in dimension angle or colour can be detected with great safety.

It can see 136x106mm at one shot. Using a special adjustable magnetic fixture it can check with 4 steps a PCB with maximum of 265x225mm.


Doctor AOI can be customized to include any number of available features and implemented at the site both online and offline. The heart of the system machine vision software Modular-X enables rapid and flexible application development and the basic features range from presence/absence inspection quality assessment code/text reading to various measurement functions.


Techical charactetistics :


Camera               IDS Imaging 18 MPixel      

Lens     Megapixel TAMRON 50 & 25 mm              

Monitor Full HD résolution 22”                     

Camera stand               Adjustable and robust    


Illumination 1 - SAN-20W White illumination  (12VDC) 210 x 98 x 25 mm

2 - Doctor AOI DOME light white illumination  Dimmable

Fram erate          35-62 FPS

reference         W900024



• 1x SANXO-SCOPE HD U4 videomicroscope (réf W900023)

• 1x Auto-FOCUS (réf W700001)

• 1x 25 mm lens (réf W700004)

• 1x Doctor AOI software (réf W700031)

• 1x specific cabin for optimal constant and stable lighting



Product dimensions : 420 x 500 x 600 mm
Gross weight : 19 K
Net weight : 18.5 K
Brand : SANXO
Origin : HU


EAN : 3664131051798
NC8 : 90118000

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