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DECAN L2 - Advanced Multi-Functional Placer

Reference : V900233
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The DECAN series models can handle a wide range of components and maximize productivity with various PCB transfer systems.

  • Secures the applicability to components and conveyor flexibility.
  • Reduces production time by optimizing the motion sequence.
  • Reinforces odd-shape component recognition by applying 3D lighting system.


Specifications :

  • Number of Spindles6 Spindle x 2 Gantry
  • Placement Speed56000 CPH (Optimum)
  • Placement Accuracy±40µm Cpk1.0 (0402 (01005 inch) chip) /±30µm Cpk1.0 (IC Stage Vision)
  • Fly Camera0402 ~ 21 mm
  • Fix Camera~42 mm (Standard) / ~55 mm (MFOV) / ~ L75 mm Connector (MFOV)


Features :


  • High Reliability:  Optimized for the Placement of Odd-shape Components as well as LEDs and LED Lenses. Minimizes defective component placement by recognizing LED direction different models and projection position. Places a lens based on the lighting source by recognizing the LED lighting source (Patent registration No. 14742444)
  • Flexible Production : Machine Applicable to Large PCBs that Can be Modified on Site. Possible to modify the standard machine to the one applicable to large PCBs on site Applicable to Max. 1200 x 460mm PCBs.
  • High Performance: Reduces PCB Fiducial Mark Recognition Time. Optimizes the moving path for the recognition of the individual fiducial mark of the LED bar
  • Productivity :Reduces the Cycle Time by Sharing Bad Marks with Other Machines. Shares the information on the bad mark of the PCB recognized by the first machine with other machines in the line.


Product dimensions : 0 x 0 x 0
Brand : HANWHA
Origin : KR


EAN : 3664131055567
NC8 : 84862000

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