Nitrogen (N2) Generator - 4m3

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Patented modular design.

Nitrogen purity could reach as high as 99.99%.

Every adsorption tower is installed with an advanced control system.



·Flow rate (m3/hr.) :            4

·Purity (% ):                          99% to 99.99%

·Input air flowrate (m3/hr.): 24

·Air temp. In (min ):             5

·Air temp. In (max):             25

·N2 press. Out:                     0.75Mpa

·Air press. In:                        0.75~0.8Mpa

·N2 dew point Out                 -40

·Ambient temp. (max.)          40

·Type of controller                 PLC controller

·Power:                                 0.5Kw

·Noise level:                         <65dB

·Dimensions(mm):              L800 x W 460 x H140

·Weight :                               160 KG



Delivered with internal & external filter.


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