Hot air level machine - HAL3040, without solder

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Introduction :


·HAL is now affordable to the small entrepreneur & institutions.

·Needs less space & power, less solder dead weight,

·Yet produces consistent high quality leveled boards.

·Microprocessor LCD Control Unit with following controls of a standard HAL :

-10 PCB menu storage

-Fault monitoring & reporting

-Parameter Settings: a) Dip Time b) Air Time c) Solder Temp. d) Auto or Maintenance mode.




·PCB Size processed : 300 mm x 400 mm

·Enclosure : Stainless Steel

·PCB Holding : Titanium Clamp Holds Boards upto 3 mm Thick

·Solder tank Capacity : 75 Kg.

·Heating time approx : 1 hour

·Size : B 800mm X W 600mm X H 1550 mm

·Shipping Wt.: Without solder 175 kg


Facilities Required:


·Power : Single / Three Phase, 6k watt, 220v/440v

·Air : 6 to 8 bar 150 NL/ cycle

·Exhaust : 100 mm duct, 1000 m3/h

·Working Area : Minimum 2000 mm X 1250 mm




·Solder temperature 0 to 300°C

·Dip time 0 to 99 sec.

·Air time 0 to 9.9 sec.

·Front & Back air knife Pressure 0 to 4 bar

·Main Air pressure 6 to 8 bar

·Air Knife Orifice 0.2 mm

·Gap between Air knife 10 mm to 15 mm


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