Metallic vacuum base for Technodrill 3 - Laboratory version

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High performance Aluminium vacuum base for Technodrill 3.


Vacuum plate with holes using a rubber mat for milling operations with routing of non-magnetic materials (aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, ...)


Dimensions (L x W x H) :                   316 x 216 x 26 mm

Number of suction zones :                 2

nxM inserts :                                         4 x M6

Weight :                                                                 9 kg

Delivered complete with a vacuum station and 5 martyrs mats


Suitable for use on prototypes, not for heavy duty use.




Vacuum base

High resistance aluminium.

Top side can be machined up to 4 mm thick.

Holes diam. 0.3 mm at 10 x 10 mm pitch.

Several vacuum zones with isolated circuits selectable by ¼ turn valves.

Threaded inserts on the plate at 100 x 100 mm pitch for additional mechanical clamping.

Flatness and parallelism : +/- 0.01/100 mm.

Supplied with side stops, a standard martyr mat with holes (thickness 1 mm), an insulation mat, fixing clamps, a distribution feeder.


Suction unit:

Maximum power (turbine) 1.200 W

Weight                                                   12,7 kg

Gross tank capacity                            25 l

Net tank capacity                                                 20 l

Net volume of water tank                   16 l

Net volume of the bag                        9L

Filter class vacuum cleaner for solids / liquids L

Filter class main filter                          L

Length                                                   430.0 mm

Width                                                     400.0 mm

Height                                                    560.0 mm

Filter area                                             4.300 cm² (4.000 sq. ft.)

Max. volume flow (turbine)                61 l/sec

Max. pressure (turbine)                      248 mbar




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