CNC Rapid Prototyping Machine 3 Axis - 3D Technodrill 3

Type de licence : Licence education
Format / version : Version Standard
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  • 3-axis machine - 3D
  • Z-axis passage 90 mm
  • Useful stroke 390 x 315 x 60 mm (actual under tool with options)
  • PCB CNC production centre
  • Servo control of the spindle rotation by the software
  • Immediate learning
  • Versatile: drilling, milling, depaneling, cutting, control, dispensing...
  • Compatible with all file types HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF, ...
  • GALAAD 3 piloting software (with free updates)
  • Integrated electronic control box
  • Z-axis moving probe as standard
  • Security: mechanical clamping and software clamping
  • Protective cover and low voltage lighting as standard
  • Many options available

In its complete version, the TECHNODRILL 3 is delivered with its piloting software, the GALAAD 3 pack (industry or education version), an 800 W pin and a protective cover with circuit breaker.

This 3D software included "English engraving" of printed circuit boards.

Compatible with many machines and many CAD and CAD / CAM software, it accepts HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF files.

The Technodrill 3 is the versatile tool of the electronic laboratory par excellence

. Many options available

(*) 1 mil = 25,4 mm / 100 = 0,0254 mm


Specific References



Technodrill 3

Technodrill 3 XL


Educational Lic. (réf U900100)

Industry Lic. (réf  U900120

Educational Lic. Réf U900200

Industry Lic. Réf  U900220


3 axes - 3D

Free passage Unver Z axis

90 mm

X. Y. Z. Motion

390 x 315 x 60 mm (real under the tool with options, independent adjustment of Z of spindle)

385 x 580 x 60 mm (real under the tool with options, independent adjustment of Z of spindle)


380 x 500 mm

500 x 645 mm


0.0015 mm micros steps (0.059 mil)


+/- 0.005 mm (0.2 mil)

Spindle power

800 W. 10000 at 24000 rpm

Tool replacement

Semi-automatic as standard automatic as option

Drilling stroke

360 holes / mn (Ø 0.8 mm)

Mini track width

0.15 mm (5.90 mil)

0,2 mm (8 mil)

Mini isolation

0.15 mm (5.90 mil)

0,2 mm (8 mil)

Mini drilling Ø

0.3 mm (12 mil)

Motion speed

100 mm/s maxi

Linear guide

screw and ball socket (pas 4 mm) (pas 5 mm)

Motor X. Y. Z

3 step motors at 1/16 steps per rotation  adjustable (3200 steps/rotation)


Up to 200 KHz

Table type

Grooved aluminium for quick placement

Positionning tool sensor

Included as standard

Power supply

230 V - 50 Hz - 8 A

Net weight

76 Kg

90 Kg

External dimensions (L x l x H)                       

880 x 700 x 590 mm

850 x 1000 x 670 mm

Noise level

< 65 dBA

Protective cover

Included as standard


Included as standard

Delivered with

Software GALAAD 3 (Free updates)


Mecanical and software lock

Compatible with all file types HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF,…

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