Double Head System Laser et Mechanical - DCT HybriDo 300

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Suitable for structuring conductive pattern on copper plate, opening solder resist, removing additional line for platting, cover layer(CVL) cutting; also suitable for structuring other metal such as rare metal, electroplating material, film and coating material, plastic and ceramic. It can also drilling and routing on on PTFE or FR4 board.


Consisting of:

·1064nm Filber laser, air cooling

·Granite X/Y table, bridge construction

·Data processing software: CircuitCAM 7 Laser Plus

·Visionsystem with high resolution camera

·12 tools bases automatic changer

·Camera supported fiducial recognition

·X/Y/Z axises driven by high precision Servo motor

·Class C5 Linear guideways for X,Y,Z axises

·Digital scanning galvanometer


·with 80,000 rpm German spindle

·Movable stand hood

·Industrial control PC

·Industrial dust exaust unit

·Vacuum table for material

·Heat dissipation: inlet air from front and back, bilateral exhaust ventilation

·With lens protection

·Fully sealed optical path


Technical Data:

·Working area (X x Y x Z): 310 mm × 230 mm x 10mm

·min.line width: 100 μm (depends on material)

· width: 50 μm (depends on material)

·max processing speed: 12cm²/min (depends on material)

·min. hole diameter: 0.2mm

·X Y traveling speed: 150mm/s

·Drilling speed: 120/min

·Max. spindle speed: 80,000rpm (made in Germany)

·16 tool holder, Automatic tool change system

·PCB routing speed: 5mm/s

·Accuracy of repeatability: ±2 μm

·Position accuracy: ±10 μm

·Resolution of galvanometer: 20μm

·Laser wavelength: 1064 nm

·Laser Pulse frequency: 1-600 kHz

·Average output of laser: 30 W

·Resolution of galvanometer: 1 µm

·Weight: 120kg

·Dimensions (WxHxD): 880mm×800mm×961mm


Operating conditions:

·Electricity: 220 VAC / 50 Hz

·Main power: 1.6 KW

·Peripherals power: 1.5KW

·Ambient temperature 25° C ± 5° C

·Humidity: <60%

·compressed air: 6bar, 80L/min




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