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Hot Air Leveller

  • With HAL 3040, the technic of Hot Air Level (hot air tinning) is dedicated for small manufacturing plants. Compact, HAL 3040 also integrates all functions of serial manufacturing machines.Working area 300 x 400 mm Circuit holding by pneumatic pliers with auto-adjustment Reduced capacity pot with 75 kg of solder Completely stainless steel...
  • Tinning fluxSpecial flux for roller tinning machines (aqueous and neutral) colourless, water washable, deoxidises copper and prepares for tinning. Packaging : jerrycan 1 liter
  • Tinning salts Special salts for tinning machines. Dissolve oxides onthe surface of soldering baths and protect the baths. Conditioning: 1Kg bottle
  • Double temperature isolated gloves, mantle 150 mm
  • Use as isolatorBetter for chassis, walls...
  • Anti-heat gloves.Isothermal lining.Cuff 150 mm Risks:• chemical: NO• mechanical: YES• micro-organic: NO• heat and fire: YES
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