Hot Air Leveller

  • Tinning fluxSpecial flux for roller tinning machines (aqueous and neutral) colourless, water washable, deoxidises copper and prepares for tinning. Packaging : jerrycan 1 liter
  • Tinning salts Special salts for tinning machines. Dissolve oxides onthe surface of soldering baths and protect the baths. Conditioning: 1Kg bottle
  • Double temperature isolated gloves, mantle 150 mm
  • Use as isolatorBetter for chassis, walls...
  • Anti-heat gloves.Isothermal lining.Cuff 150 mm Risks:• chemical: NO• mechanical: YES• micro-organic: NO• heat and fire: YES
  • New
    Eliminate the corrosive fumes released during tinning with the FILTRATEC-F soldering fume extraction / filtration unit.   The unit, which includes a special high absorption filter, is connected directly to the roller tinning machine. The tinning fumes are first aspirated and then chemically neutralized by the filter with a degree of efficiency greater...
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