Our general terms and conditions of sale have been drawn up to meet the requirements of national and European regulations. articles L.441-.6 et L.442-6 du code du commerce.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders imply acceptance, without exclusion or reservation, of the present terms and conditions of sale, which alone shall govern our sales. We shall not be bound by the customer's general terms and conditions of purchase or any other document issued by the customer.


Our catalogs, brochures and price lists do not constitute a binding offer on our part. They may be modified at any time without notice. CIF expressly reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to the presentation, designation and characteristics of its products or equipment. Offers are valid only within the option period, which is one month unless otherwise stipulated.


Delivery times are given as an indication only and any delays do not entitle the purchaser to cancel the order, refuse the goods or claim damages. Any clause to the contrary in writing shall not be enforceable against us.


Minimum order : 

- 250.00 € excluding VAT for mainland France

- 380.00 € excl. tax for French overseas departments and territories and exports

Orders below this minimum may be accepted with a flat-rate handling charge of €20.00 excluding VAT.

Packaging costs are extra. Furthermore, in view of the regulations in force for the shipment of goods classified as dangerous, additional packaging costs may be invoiced. 

For all first orders (account opening), payment must be made in cash, unless otherwise agreed in writing by our company. No discount for early payment.

Unless otherwise specified, all our equipment is guaranteed for 12 months parts and labor, return to factory (at customer's expense), against any manufacturing defect.

For imported equipment or products, prices will be indexed to the current exchange rate, with a percentage tolerance of plus or minus 2.5%. If this tolerance is exceeded at the time of import (as evidenced by a customs document), the price will be revised.   

Prices of goods are ex 78-Buc-France (head office) or ex factory (production unit), packing not included. Upon receipt of bills of exchange, the customer undertakes to return them to us within a week. 

The CIF-RETAIL online sales site has its own general sales conditions for purchases made directly on the site; these conditions are available on the www.cif-retail.fr website. The general rental conditions applicable to rentals and the general maintenance contract conditions applicable to maintenance contracts form an integral part of the general sales conditions and are inseparable from them. The customer warrants our company to purchase goods and/or services in compliance with legal provisions and restrictions, in particular international restrictions such as dual-use goods. The customer undertakes to observe the same rules with regard to a potential subsequent purchaser. Should it be necessary to obtain a license or other certificates, inspections, etc. in order to complete the sale, the cost of any formalities will be borne by the customer. If the formalities are requested after the sale has been completed, the associated costs remain at the customer's expense. In the event that it proves forbidden or impossible to carry out the sale, or that the sale must be terminated to comply with regulatory provisions, the formalities carried out and the costs incurred by the company for the completion of the order remain at the customer's expense, and the company cannot be held responsible or liable for any compensation whatsoever.


Any delay in payment of any due date is subject, ipso jure and without formality, to interest on arrears equal to three times the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation, plus 10 percentage points. Late payment penalties are payable without reminder on the day following the due date shown on the invoice. A flat-rate penalty of 40 euros per invoice is payable in the event of late payment, without the need for a reminder. In the event of late payment, CIF reserves the right to suspend the execution of orders without formality. In the event of repeated default, CIF expressly reserves the right to demand payment by cash on delivery. Non-payment of a single invoice on its due date automatically renders the balance of all outstanding invoices payable. Advance payments may be retained to cover any losses on resale.


Goods, even when shipped carriage paid, travel at the consignee's risk. Our goods are carefully sorted, inspected and packed before dispatch. It is the consignee's responsibility to make all necessary reservations with the carrier in the event of damage or breakage. When the customer arranges his own transport (particularly Ex-works), the goods must be collected within 10 days of being made available. After this deadline, storage charges may be invoiced. It is the customer's responsibility to dispose of packaging waste in accordance with current legal provisions, including when installation services are included, unless a packaging/waste take-back service is expressly contracted.


The goods remain our property until full payment has been received, but the purchaser becomes responsible for them as soon as they are dispatched, and must take out the necessary insurance policies to cover the risks of loss, theft or destruction of the designated goods. When the customer arranges his own transport (particularly Ex-works), the goods must be collected within 10 days of being made available. After this period, the goods are stored at the customer's risk.


CIF reserves ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of the price in principal and interest. In this respect, the delivery of a bill of exchange or any other instrument creating an obligation to pay does not constitute payment within the meaning of this provision. In the event of non-payment by the purchaser of a single fraction of the price, on the agreed due dates, and eight days after formal notice has been given by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the present sale will be automatically cancelled at our discretion.


The fact that CIF does not avail itself of the rights arising from the general conditions of sale at any time and for any reason whatsoever cannot be interpreted as a waiver of its right to subsequently enforce each of the stipulations of the said conditions. Customers' general terms and conditions of purchase are not enforceable against CIF unless explicitly accepted in writing by our company through a duly authorized person.


By express agreement between the parties, any dispute will fall within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce des Yvelines (78000 VERSAILLES), whatever the nature, cause or connection of the dispute, and whatever the special conditions of sale, even in the event of a warranty claim or multiple defendants.

Specific conditions relating to the website :

THIS SITE IS FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY. For e-commerce orders, you will need to enter your INTRA-COMMUNITY VAT NUMBER.

Shipping charges on the e-commerce site do not include insurance, certificate of origin, customs duties and taxes, etc. If these services are necessary to complete the customer's order, they will be invoiced in addition, and by placing an order, the customer acknowledges acceptance of these charges and undertakes to pay them on receipt of the invoice.

Users are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information entered, including delivery/billing details, INTRACOMMUNITY VAT number, etc. The consequences of any input errors (delays, additional costs, non-deductible VAT) are therefore the responsibility of the customer.

Products in the DESTOCK category are neither returned nor exchanged. These are products that have been the subject of customer demonstrations and may have minor defects or end-of-series defects. These products are second-hand and do not benefit from a legal warranty. They may be covered by a commercial warranty, in which case it is indicated in the item description.


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