Etching products

  • Positive developer for positive presensitized boardsOperating temperature : 19 to 23°C Available in different packaging :. Bag of 1 liter (ref AR45). 1 liter ready for use (ref AR46). Pot of 1 kg (ref AR45.P)
  • • Positive developer for CIF positive presensitized boards• Special anti-foam for machine development• Operating temperatures: 17 to 23 ° C
  • To strip the photosensitive resin on the CIF boardsTemperature range : 19 to 23°C  Available with different packaging :  - bag fo 1 litre - ref AR61 - jerrycan 1 litre, ready to use - ref AR62
  • • Easy to use / to be completed by the amount of water needed • Easy to store
  • Persulphate has less etching power than ferric chloride and re-crystallises when cold. (Hot etching at mini 40°). For rapid etching. Conditioning :- Bag for 1 liter (ref AR44) - Jerrycan 1 liter (ref AR44.B1)
  • Iron Perchloride Neutralization Kit Complies with rejection standards - Registered kit Economical (to neutralize 40 liters of used perchloride) Ecological For 40 litres of old ferric chloride (which does not etch any longer). For monitoring etching agents discharges.Conform to rejects standards - Registered set Allows metals and acids to be...
  • Iron-chloride stain remover Indispensable in any PCB manufacturing laboratory. Effective for sinks, PVC, blouses ... machine cleaning.2 packages:   - Pot 100 g (ref AR36)  - Pot 1 kg (ref AR95°
  • Boosted ferric chloride solution Special boosted Ferric Chloride solution to etch all types of copper circuit boards Etching solution especially suitable for all kind of etching machine Faster etching & longer life with our superactivated ferric chloride product
  • Standard ferric chloride solution Concentration 36° Baumé Solution ready to use (packaging 2.5 or 5L)
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