Laser system for PCB and Micro-processing - DCT S2

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for micro processing variety of material, including LTCC/HTCC drilling, FPC depaneling, thin and tough PCBs (including assembled PCBs) contour cutting, coverlayer cutting, decap of rigid-flex PCBs, cutting complex shapes, direct structuring conductive pattern, ablating solder resist,removing additional line, drilling of ceramics, through holes or blind vias drilling on FPC



Consisting of:

Nano-second laser

Granite X/Y table

Visionsystem with high resolution camera and reflectance light resource

Camera supported positioning system with fiducial recognition

X/Y axises driven by Linear motor

Industrial control PC, display, keyboard and mouse

Water-cooling unit

Vacuum table for material

Machine driven software: DreamCreTor 3

Data processing software: CircuitCAM 7 Standard

Double safty light curtain



Technical Data:

Working area (X x Yx Z): 300 mm × 350 mm x 10mm

Accuracy of repeatability: ±2 μm

Laser wavelength: 355 nm

Average output of laser: 15W

Digital scanning galvanometer


Resolution of galvanometer: 1 μm

Travelling resolution of X/Y/Z Axis: 1 μm

Weight: approx. 750 kg

Machine Hood dimensions (L/W/H): 1210 mm × 920 mm × 1630 mm


Operating conditions:

Power supply: 400/16A or 230V/32A 50 Hz

Main power: 3 kW

Peripherals power: 1.5 kW

Ambient temperature 22° C ± 2° C

Ambient Humidity: <60%

Dry and clean compressed air is required!

Input pressure: 6-8bar, air throughput: > 120L/min


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