DCT Laser System DirectLaser S6 NS 20W Coherent

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System for micro processing variety of material, including LTCC/HTCC drilling, FPC depaneling, thin and tough PCBs (including assembled PCBs) contour cutting, cover layer cutting, decap of rigid-flex PCBs, cutting complex shapes, direct structuring conductive pattern, ablating solder resist, removing additional line, drilling of ceramics, through holes or blind vias drilling on FPC


System consisting of:


·UV laser and laser housing

·Granite X/Y table

·Data processing software: CircuitCAM 7.3 Standard

·Vision system with high resolution camera and reflectance light resource

·Camera supported positioning system with fiducial recognition 160M pixel

·X.Y. axes driven by high precision Linear motor

·Z axis driven by high precision Servo motor

·Online Laser Power meter

·Digital scanning galvanometer


·Industrial control PC and display

·Vacuum table for material

·with water-cooling unit

·Fully sealed optical path


Technical Data:


·Working area (X x Y): 610 mm × 533 mm

·Travelling resolution of X/Y axes: 1 μm

·Z-axis travel: 50mm

·Accuracy of repeatability: ±2 μm

·Laser Wavelength: 355 nm

·Average output of laser: 20 W

·Typical pulse width< 15ns

·Resolution of galvanometer: 1 µm

·Weight: Approx. 1700 kg

·Dimensions (H/W/L):1,605mm × 1,400mm × 1,760mm


Operating conditions:


·Electricity: 380VAC/50Hz

·Main machine power: 3kw

·Peripherals power:1.5kw

·Ambient temperature 22° C ± 2° C

·Ambient Humidity: <60%


Industrial Dust Exhaust Unit  required

Dry and clean compressed air is required!





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