Automatic inline SMD pick et place machine 4 nozzles - model KAYO-A4L

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The KAYO-A4L is an automatic SMD report station.


Compact, it can accommodate 46 feeders as well as 6 placement and positioning cameras. The placement accuracy is 0.01 mm for a placement capacity of 8000 components per hour (max).


Quick to set up and easy to handle, the KAYO-A4L Pick & Place is the ideal machine for the assembly of your SMD series.



- The machine is delivered with 6 cameras : 1 for the detection of the sights, 4 cameras for the mounting nozzles and 1 high precision camera

- Camera refocusing & detection of rejection marks

- Installation capacity of 8000 components per hour (max) with an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm

- Works under Windows® environment

- The drivers have been optimized to guarantee quick component placement while improving precision and a low noise level

- An automatic board transit system within the machine in three sections saves time and efficiency


Technical characteristics

Feeder No.                                            46 (20 in front, 26 in back)

Mounting nozzles                4

Max. mounting speed                         8000 CPH

Average mounting speed                   4000 - 5000 CPH

Positioning accuracy                           0.01 mm

Modes                                                    Manual, semi-automatic, automatic

Cameras                                               1 Mark recognition camera, 4 high speed recognition cameras, and 1 high-precision recognition camera

Driving motor                                        Panasonic Servo-motor

Recognition method                            Four heads recognize synchronously

Nozzle vacuum source                       High-speed ON/OFF vacuum generator

Max circuit board area                        480 x 300 mm

Z axis maximum range                       20 mm

Mounted components                         0402 to 45 x 45 mm, LED, QFP, BGA, step outputs 0,3 mm

Max component Height (Z) 5,5 mm, upgrade to 10 mm on request

Belt type feeder                                    Tape feeders 8/12/16/24/32 mm

                                                                Vibratory feeders

Monitors                                15"

OS                                                          Windows® 7

Programming                                       Data conversion, step by step, visual

Pneumatic pressure                            5 - 6 Bar

Power                                                    750 W                  

Power supply                                        220 V, 50 Hz                      

Dimensions                                        1095 x 1165 x 1400mm                     

Weight                                                 450 Kg


Delivered complete with double PC, software, start-up kit and 1st year maintenance kit, feeders are extra


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