Inline Selective Soldering Machine Fex-i2 - SASINNO

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XY servo table for solder station, servo axis Z1 for solder pot 1, servo axis Z2 for solder pot 2.   Optional with electro-magnetic pump made in Germany.

Top preheating zone, option with bottom IR zone.

Standard equipped live-on camera for both solder pot's soldering process.

Standard equipped with wave height calibration.

Windows 10 system English version.

Drop jet fluxer made in German.Option to install double drop jet fluxer.



·Operating power/Max power:          6KW/16KW

PCB dimension:                                   Min50x50---Max PCB W457.2 x L508mm (18" x 20") (Two nozzle solder individually)

                                                                Max PCB W508 x L508mm (20" x 20") (Two nozzle solder parallel)

·Machine dimension:                          1420(L)*1725(W)*1700(H)

·Net weight:                                          900KG

·Power supply:                                     3PH 380V 50HZ

·Air supply:                                           3-5 bars 

·Exhausting required:                         800M3/h


Solder Management

·Standard Solder Station:                  2

·Solder Pot Capacity:                         15 kgs

·Solder Temperature Control:           PID

·Heat-Up Time:                                    About 40mins

·Solder Pot heater:                              350 ℃ max.

·Axes of Motion:                                  X, Y, Z1, Z2

·Position Accuracy:                             + / - 0.05mm


Solder Nozzles

·Mini Wave Nozzles:                          Ø 3 to 12 mm

·Customized nozzle:                          Available


(N2) Inertion Management

·N2 Consumption per Nozzle:          4m3/H

·Required N2 Purity:                           >99.99%


Flux Management

·Flux Nozzle Type:                              Drop jet fluxer made in Germany

·Flux Nozzle Quantity:                        Standard equip 1 set, optional to equip another set

·Flux Tank Capacity:                          1L

·Flux Tank Quantity:                           Standard equip 1 set, optional to equip another set (when use two different flux)


PCB Robotic Platform

·Axes of motion:                                  X, Y, Z

·Motion control:                                    Servo motors for X,Y, Z

·Position Accuracy:                             +/- 0.05mm



·Preheating method:                           Top IR preheat,option with bottom preheat


Controlling System

·Industrial PC:                                      Yes

·Typical Program Time:                      10 Minutes

·Program method:                               Draw path in scanned picture of board

·Controlling system:                            PC


Warranty                                               2 years


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