Any Quality process needs efficient control equipment

From the very simple magnifying lamp to the full HD video microscope, CIF offers a complete equipment range to assist your visual inspection operations.

Magnifying lamps

These have generally a low magnification rate, from 2.5 to 5 diopters.
2 families are available:
- Square magnifying lamps; these are particularly adapted to visual aid.
- Round magnifying lamps; there are recommended for visual control.


These equipment are highly recommended for all control operation requiring accuracy.
Ergonomic, efficient and polyvalent are the major assets of our video-microscope range.
The visual field depth is designed not only to control but also for repair operations. Depending on the model the magnification goes from x7 to x150; higher magnification are available on request.
Our video microscopes are all fitted with FULL HD camera.
The Sanxo-Scope model includes ultra-fast zoom and autofocus; calibration is made on 1 ‘click’ and it is possible to record videos; the measurement software included features 3D modeling on recorded images.

All video-microscopes offers in the CIF range fit the IPC norm A-610 E – 210


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